A site installation piece for Nordic Innovation House

Without being explicitly aware of it, we draw digital self-portraits with our devices. Breadcrumbs are digital residues of our passage through cyberspace.   Over time they are constantly sketching a record of our actions.  We don’t necessarily own, control, or even know about these crumbs that mark the trail we have followed through cyberspace. The web is replete with the breadcrumbs from innumerable individuals.  

This piece asks how could this type of information be used in a creative, secure, and collective way to solve global problems.  The pace of technology is moving fast, and people feel increasingly exposed, unsafe and insecure.  The use of art as perspective on this cultural shift is a way to focus on the human. Breadcrumbs can make you aware of the metadata or information that we feel and are influenced by but don’t necessarily see.

The portraits in the video are a dialogue between artist and machine.  Images are created by hand and then fed into a convolutional neural network (CNN) that transfers the style of one image onto the content of another. The initial images act as the seeds for a process that branches and reconvenes like a rhizome.  One set of images becomes the material for the transformation of other images in a cycle that feeds back onto itself; colors and forms are added, changed, lost, and then added again, evoking the rhythms of the world of artificial intelligence.